I’m getting more and more casework in my advice surgeries about refugee and asylum seeking families with young children being ordered to move out of their Home Office accommodation in Cardiff Central with just a few days notice, to other parts of the UK often hundreds of miles away because of a shortage of accommodation provided by the private companies that the Home Office has contracts with. These very vulnerable children have often settled well in our local primary schools and made friends with the help, hard work and kindness of local teachers and teaching assistants.


So today I raised this issue in Parliament and asked that the Home Secretary to make a statement to Parliament about these expensive, shoddy and dysfunctional outsourced contracts that taxpayers are footing the bill for.


Since you elected me in 2015 I have run a weekly immigration clinic every Wednesday morning at 11am in my office on Albany Road. If you know anyone living in Cardiff Central who needs advice or help with a Home Office issue, please let them know.


You can watch my question below;




Jo Stevens; Thank you Mr. Speaker. Refugee children who are settled with families in Cardiff Central are being moved hundreds of miles around the country with just a few days notice because of a shortage of outsourced Home Office accommodation

And of course that undoes all the good work that teachers and teaching assistants do to help these most vulnerable children can we have a statement from the Home Secretary about the expensive, shoddy and dysfunctional Home Office accommodation contracts please.


Andrea Leadshom; Well the Honourable Lady will be aware that this country has been incredibly generous and very careful in the way that it treats refugees who have come here to seek asylum and to escape appalling experiences overseas, we do have Home Office Questions on the 16th of July and she may wish to raise her particular concerns then

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