I have today been contacted by Natural Resources Wales, who have updated me on the progress of the construction works.


Construction works within Railway Gardens (the Sandies) are complete, with the reinstatement and planting now well underway.

Construction works in Waterloo Gardens and Roath Mill Gardens will now be focusing on the paved areas, and viewing platform / dais, ahead of planting and seeding. It is expected that the engineering works will be substantially complete throughout all the Park Gardens by the end of July. Unfortunately, mainly due to weather delays, (an unusually cold end to spring, and the ongoing dry weather now) some engineering works, and the majority of the reinstatement works have been delayed. They will endeavour to re-open sections of the Parks Gardens as early as possible, but unfortunately it will be impossible to fully open the parks ahead of the Summer Holidays. They will be using cultivated turf in certain sections (as opposed to sowing grass seed) to speed up the process, but these sections will still require a few weeks before they can be opened to public to ensure successful establishment.

Sections of Railway Gardens are most likely to be ready for opening first (given reinstatement is well underway here), followed by Waterloo Gardens and the sections of Roath Mill Gardens currently closed by the end of the summer (again likely to be phased opening).

Also, during the periods of grassland establishment, the bridge connecting Newminster Road to Waterloo Gardens will be reopened, once path surfacing is complete.

They expect this will re-open during the Summer Holidays.

As previously communicated, they have agreed to pause tree felling and construction in Roath Brook Gardens and Roath Mill Gardens (Phase 3 of the Roath Flood Scheme) after listening to the views of the community and the concerns of the Roath Brook Trees campaign group.

This pause allows the campaign group time to further scrutinise their modelling (the hydrology and hydraulic model used to predict the flood risk) and the options appraisal that selected the current design. They have committed to consider any new evidence prior to making a decision on how to progress.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Natural Resources Wales.


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