As people start to head back to work, RSPCA welfare experts have produced some advice on how to help pets get used to their humans not being around all the time. 

For many dog owners, separation anxiety will be one of the key issues their pets will face. RSPCA’s #DogKind campaign aims to help people address this common welfare issue. 

And as the wearing of face masks becomes more and more common, we’ve produced advice for dog owners on how to get their pets used to seeing people wearing them, whether that’s their owners or strangers they encounter outside the home.

For people planning a summer holiday

RSPCA have lots of advice for people planning to take their pets on holiday, including how to transport them safely and make sure that the experience of unfamiliar surroundings is stress-free and fun for all the family.

Unfortunately, RSPCA do see abandonments of pets – especially dogs – spike during the summer holiday season as people head off for their own break and simply leave their animals behind. There is no excuse for doing this as there are plenty of options for pet care available. For those heading away but looking for a way to give their pets a staycation, there’s plenty of advice on leaving pets in the care of friends or family, professional pet sitters or in a boarding establishment. 

For those planning to make the most of a UK-based holiday this year, they also have some advice to make sure all of those lovely countryside dog walks go smoothly.

Finally, whilst of course we never know what the Great British weather has in store for us, it doesn’t take tropical temperatures for a car to become an oven for a dog. Dogs Die in Hot Cars. 

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