Yesterday, we had a debate on safe standing in premiership and championship football grounds in Wales and England following a petition to parliament signed by over 110,000 people. The current law prohibits standing at matches but as everyone who goes to matches knows, standing is happening at every game, particularly when fans go to away matches


Because of the time limits imposed, I only got 3 minutes to speak in the debate, so I used the opportunity to highlight the really good approach that my club, Cardiff City, have taken to standing safely. Before the debate I had canvassed views via social media from supporters, the Supporters’ Club and Trust and I had also discussed the issue with Club Directors and senior management. I believe that suppoters deserve to have a choice when they attend games and we should trust clubs and their safety experts, in partnership with local authority safety advisory groups, to have the choice to configure and safely manage their grounds in the best way to suit their circumstances and supporters’ needs.


I support a change to the current legislation. Unfortunately, the Tory Sports Minister is dragging her feet on this and would only commit to an exercise to gather evidence on the issue. Very dissappointing.


You can watch my speech here;






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