On 1st April I took part in a rally with Justice Alliance UK and Napo, the National Union of Probation Officers, standing up to Chris Grayling’s flawed justice policies. Cuts to Legal Aid are denying people access to justice and privatisation of the probation service – with companies like Sodexo, Serco and G4S running probation – will lead to job losses and will compromise public safety.

There was huge support at the rally from solicitors, striking probation officers, people working in justice at all levels and other supporters who heard from a range of speakers in the shadow of parliament, that included MPs, NAPO’s General Secretary, a comedian and probation officers. 

I spoke about Grayling’s failings, including the disastrous Work Programme he introduced in his former role as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. I also reminded the crowd of the Liberal Democrats’ role in privatising probation and implementing legal aid cuts, supporting Tory ideology against all objective advice, and that this authoritarian way of working, with no debate, is dangerous to the justice system in Wales and England. 

As a solicitor I am passionate about maintaining a strong and fair justice system, with access for all. This includes effective rehabilitation for offenders to enable them to contribute positively to society. 

We also heard from Shadow Justice Minister Andy Slaughter MP and Jenny Chapman MP, Shadow Prisons and Probation Minister, who both slammed Grayling’s reforms as ‘reckless’ and gave their full support to all who are fighting for not only fair terms of work, but also for a fair and just legal system.

I will continue to campaign for a fair legal system accessible to those who need it, and a fair society. If you are with me, why not sign up as a supporter, or join me for a campaign session in your local area? 

You can read more about the rally on The Justice Gap website.

Click here to find out more about Justice Alliance UK’s campaign to save Legal Aid. 

Click here to find out more about Napo and the campaign to save Probation from privatisation.

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