This week at Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Questions, I asked the Department when they were going to allow Cardiff to grow even further and thrive as a hub for sports tourism. Cardiff has proven itself to be an ideal venue for international sports events, as seen by last year’s Champions League Final, but this Government is holding us back. The Minister couldn’t answer my question.

You can watch the exchange below:

Jo Stevens MP:

My constituency is famous for its sport and for its sporting venues. We would love more sports tourism, but the failure of the Government to invest in the redevelopment of our railway station, the dreadful service on the Great Western Railway main line from London and the refusal to devolve air passenger duty are preventing an increase in sports tourism. What is the Minister going to do to persuade his Cabinet colleagues to sort this out?

Michael Ellis MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Arts, Heritage and Tourism:

Actually, huge investment—an unprecedented amount—has gone into the railways. Our tourism figures are up—they are up vastly on previous years—and they continue to rise, so I do not accept the premise of the hon. Lady’s question. We work very hard to encourage as much tourism as possible, including sports tourism.

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