You may have heard of the Sunflower Lanyard initiative – which helps those who have a non-visible disability to discreetly indicate that they need extra support or a little more time.  

This scheme is already in full operation in many stores and businesses around Cardiff Central already. More information about the scheme in general can be found by clicking here.

The Sunflower lanyard scheme in addition, offers a card for those unable to wear a face covering due to disability or illness. If a customer has an exemption and is unable to wear a face covering while travelling, there is a specific card to help support them on their journey. A passenger does not need to have this specific card to travel without a covering.

Those wearing a lanyard do not need to disclose what disability they have, but station and train staff will be on hand to offer those customers additional support and assistance if they require it. 

Sunflower Lanyards are available free of charge by phoning the GWR Passenger Assistance team on freephone 0800 197 1329, by emailing or by contacting GWR on social media. Once travel restrictions allow, the lanyards will also be made available from station ticket offices.

You can check which shops and facilities in your area recognise the lanyard scheme here.

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