November 21, 2018

Standing up for Human Rights

Human rights defenders come under attack everday as your Member of Parliament I do my best to raise their cases. As Human Rights Watch have noted, human rights are under threat across the world from both traditional authoritarian regimes like Saudi Arabia and new authoritarians who bolster their power by demonizing and attacking minorities like Durente in the Philippines or Donald Trump in …

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August 29, 2018

Will There Be Peace in Colombia?

In November 2016 an historic Peace Agreement was signed in Cartagena, Colombia, designed to bring an end to the decades long civil war in this most beautiful of countries. A civil war that had seen thousands of people murdered, disappeared and tortured including trade unionists, human rights defenders and social leaders. Colombia was the most dangerous place in the world …

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May 11, 2018

Supporting Christian Aid Week in Parliament

Ahead of Christian Aid Week, I was pleased to attend an event in Parliament to find out about activities and events taking place during the charity’s annual fundraising week in Cardiff Central. Last year, an amazing £11,324 was raised in Cardiff Central during Christian Aid Week. This year Christian Aid Week is encouraging the British public to stand together with …

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