May 22, 2018

End the Practice of Charging Children for British Citizenship

This week I called on the Government to end the practice of charging children for British citizenship. I have signed an Early Day Motion calling on the Government to end the practice of charging a fee to children for registering for British citizenship. 6 years ago it was estimated that there were 120,000 undocumented children in the UK. Tens of thousands of them will have been born …

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March 29, 2018

EDM 1144 on Child Abuse in Migration Programmes

This week I have co-sponsored my colleague, Lisa Nandy’s Early Day Motion (EDM 1144) on child abuse in child migration programmes. The full text of the EDM is as follows: That this House welcomes the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse’s Child Migration Programmes Report, published in March 2018; notes the report’s finding that the policy of child migration practiced …

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June 23, 2017

Why We Need to Remain in the Customs Union

Following the Queen’s Speech earlier this week, I am supporting the call for the UK to remain a member of the customs union. I have signed a parliamentary motion (Early Day Motion) to that effect. There will be a huge number of issues arising out of the decision to leave the EU, but the issues of the single market and …

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November 11, 2015

I’m supporting EDM 676: Calling For More British Women to be Included on the New British Passport

On Monday 9th November I sponsored EDM 676 which recognises the great contribution of women to British national culture, and suggests that any or all of these women are worthy of inclusion on the new British Passport. The EDM came to fruition after the UK Passport Office released the new design of the British Passport, which is designed to celebrate arts and culture over …

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