May 8, 2018

My Question to the Prime Minister about her “Hostile Environment”

I challenged the Prime Minister in PMQs last week about the “hostile environment” which the new Home Secretary has described as, “not in line with our country’s values”. Whilst she was Home Secretary she boasted that “the aim in Britain is to create a really hostile environment for illegal immigration” but the collateral damage from that has been a required …

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June 28, 2017

My Question to the Prime Minister June 2017

Today I got my chance to ask the Prime Minister a question in the House of Commons. I asked her about what plans her Government had to deal with problem gambling and the Fixed Odds Betting Machines that are now in all of our bookies.   “I know the Prime Minister is well aware of the misery and suffering caused …

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July 13, 2016

My Question for David Cameron’s Last PMQs

Today was David Cameron’s last Prime Minister’s Questions session as Prime Minister. Next week the new Prime Minister Theresa May will take over. I was drawn out of the hat to ask a question today, but as I was tenth on the list time run out before I could be called to ask my question. This is what I would …

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April 13, 2016

David Cameron Refuses to Match the Welsh Labour Commitment on Opt-Out Organ Donation

Today I questioned Prime Minister David Cameron about bringing an ‘opt-out’ (presumed consent) system of organ donation to the rest of the UK, following its introduction in Wales. The Welsh Labour Government implemented this legislation in 2015, and evidence from around the world has shown that countries with an opt-out system see higher levels of organ donation, and therefore more …

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October 21, 2015

David Cameron refuses to answer my question at PMQs

I was drawn out of the ballot for Prime Minister’s Questions today for the first time. I asked the Prime Minister about the UK’s increased use of food banks since 2010, and if he knew how many more families would now be reliant on food banks as a result of the Government’s cut to tax credits. Needless to say, he …

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