April 11, 2019

Brunei, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and UK Military Training

Brunei, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are tyrannical regimes in which women and LGBT+ people face disproportionate repression. These three countries also receive training for their armed forces from the UK Military. Earlier I pressed the Government on this, asking for the Secretary of State for Defence to make an urgent statement on this hypocritical Government policy. You can watch my …

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January 8, 2016

Labour Calls for End to Discussions on Judicial Co-operation with Saudi Arabia

Labour is calling on the Government to end all discussions on judicial cooperation with Saudi Arabia and for the publication of the Memorandum of Understanding that Chris Grayling, then Secretary of State for Justice, signed with the Saudi Minister of Justice on 10th September 2014. This comes in response to the 47 executions carried out by the Kingdom of Saudi …

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