Every year millions of people from the UK go to EU countries on holiday, and many of us choose to drive. At the moment we can use our DVLA issued licences to drive in Europe, we accept drivers’ licences from the EU and the EU accepts ours. No extra hassle, forms or cost. But if the shambolic government approach continues and we leave the EU without a deal, there will be no mutual recognition of drivers’ licences and every UK driver would need an international drivers permit to drive in the 27 countries of the EU.

Currently, the Post Office issues about 100,000 of these permits every year. But in the event of no deal at the end of March next year, the Post Office would have to issue up to 7 million permits. The National Audit Office [NAO] the Government’s independent budget watchdog has made it clear that the Department of Transport has no real plan for how it would do this. As the NAO said, the Department has “not completed a business case or agreed detailed delivery plans” for delivering that number of permits. This could cause massive administrative delays leading to millions of people having to cancel holiday plans because they won’t legally be allowed to drive in Europe.

There are hundreds of other examples like this across the Brexit process from cheap air fares, to importing food and managing trucks at Dover. Does anyone believe that this shambles of a Government will be able to handle these challenges? An orderly ‘no deal Brexit’ is a fantasy sold by the same people that said Brexit would be “the easiest negotiation in history”. The reality is everyone’s lives will get harder, businesses will fold and the country will be diminshed, poorer and meaner.

This is why I will continue to oppose any steps by the government that take up down the path.

  1. Anthony Fisher says:

    We need to stay in the EU as the voters for out don’t have a clue as what is going to happen. We have got our Country Back what does that mean?

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