Before Christmas I signed a letter to the Prime Minister alongside over 200 cross party Members of Parliament urging Theresa May to rule out leaving the European Union without a deal (Full letter below). More MPs are signing the letter every day.

The Prime Minister is currently trying to use the threat of no deal to bully MPs into accepting her dogs mess of a Brexit deal, but the responsible course of action would be to take no deal off the table because there is a majority in Parliament against no deal.

Leaving without a deal would mean;

  • Abandoning the 1 million UK citizens still living in the rest of the EU.
  • Falling out of over 100 trade deals covering the import and export of medicines.
  • Falling out of deals covering flights between the UK and the rest of the world..
  • Tens of thousands of soldiers deploying to our streets to keep supplies flowing
  • Wasting billions of pounds reconfiguring supply chains, managing congestion at our ports, lost trade for truckers and airlines – this cost has been calculated to be as high as £141 billion, and some companies have already decided to leave rather than take the risk.

The Government has already spent and wasted £2 billion on “no deal preparation” that could have gone into our NHS, education system and other public services. It has even hired a ferry company which does not own any ferries. That money would have been enough to pay the salaries of 90,000 new nurses.

But even that £2 billion has not been enough to properly prepare for leaving the European Union without a deal. The National Audit Office has concluded that the border and exporters will still not be ready in time to manage the new arrangements if there’s no deal.

The people saying it will be “alright on the night”, are the same people who promised endless new UK specific trade deals by March 2019 and who promised that doing a deal with the European Union would be the “easiest thing in the world”. None of which has happened. None of it could ever happen because it wasn’t true.

Over 90% of Cardiff Central residents who have contacted me about the Prime Minister’s deal and Brexit have told me they’re against it. They can see that leaving the EU without a deal would be bad for everyone here and for UK citizens in Europe, bad for our businesses and economy. I absolutely agree. It’s time for the Prime Minister to behave like a Prime Minister and rule out no deal.

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