Earlier today, First Minister Mark Drakeford announced the Welsh Government’s ‘Unlocking Our Society and Economy’ document, detailing the traffic light systems the Goverment will use to gradually ease Wales out of lockdown.

Thank you to the vast majority of residents in Cardiff Central who’ve been incredibly careful in following the lockdown and social distancing measures, helping to stop the spread of the virus in our community and helping to keep our friends, family and colleagues safe.

These steps in Wales, as of yet, do not contain specific dates – new measures will be introduced and restrictions eased in specific areas of life when, and only when, the scientific advice says it is absolutely safe to do so.

I’d recommend everybody has a read of the document and sees the plans for the easing of lockdown – it’s going to take a concerted effort from everyone to follow these new rules when they are introduced, to ensure the virus does not begin to spread again at a rate which puts our NHS under strain and risks lives.

You can find the document in full by clicking here.

The traffic light categories will apply across Welsh life, including:

  • Reopening schools and childcare facilities
  • Seeing family and friends
  • Getting around
  • Playing sport games and relaxing
  • Working or running a business
  • Going shopping
  • Using public services
  • Practicing faith and special occasions

There are different light systems for different areas of life – schools and education, running a business, sport and exercise and so on.

The traffic light approach is based on:

  • Lockdown – Schools are only open to vulnerable pupils and children of key workers, people are advised to stay at home, only leaving home for essential travel and to work from home if possible.
  • Red – Schools enabled to manage increase in demand from more key workers and vulnerable pupils returning; local travel, including for click-and-collect retail allowed; people allowed to provide or receive care and support to/from one family member or friend from outside the household
  • Amber  –  Priority groups of pupils to return to school in a phased approach; travel for leisure allowed together with meeting with small groups of family or friends for exercise; people able to access non-essential retail and services; more people travelling to work;
  • Green  –  All children and students able to access education; Unrestricted travel subject to ongoing precautions; All sports,  leisure and cultural activities, as well as socialising with friends permitted, with physical distancing

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