As the festive season gets underway, I am urging drivers in Cardiff Central to avoid drink and drug driving, as new data from MoneySuperMarket shows that 1.08 of every 1000 drivers in Cardiff Central have a drink or drug driving conviction.

This is the third highest of any area in the UK, with only Crewe and Llandrindod Wells having a higher rate of convicted drivers.

MoneySuperMarket analysed 11 million car insurance quotes run over the last 12 months. It found the railway town of Crewe has the highest proportion of motorists with offences for drink and drug driving, while Central London drivers have the lowest proportion2.

Kevin Pratt, car insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket, said:

“There are serious consequences for those caught for drink or drug driving, including up to six months’ jail time, a driving ban of at least a year and a fine of up to £5,000. Even after a punishment has been served, a conviction will sit on your licence for 11 years and you’ll have to declare the offence when you apply for car insurance for five years.”

An intoxicated driver puts the lives of others at risk, whether they are drivers, pedestrians or passengers in their own car. MoneySuperMarket’s latest research has revealed the full financial cost of a conviction, and provides yet another reason why drivers should avoid drink and drug driving.  That’s why I’m urging my constituents to take care and keep themselves, their communities and their loved ones safe this festive season.”


Regional breakdown of amount of offences per constituency and/or postcode:

Based on claims history provided in MoneySuperMarket quotes from 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015 (motorists were asked to disclose five years of conviction history)

Highest rates 2014/15, by postal area

Highest Amount of Offences, 2015
Rank Postal Area Postal Area Code Rate
1 Crewe CW 1.74
2 Llandrindod Wells LD 1.60
3 Cardiff CF 1.59
4 Newport NP 1.58
5 Swansea SA 1.58
6 Aberdeen AB 1.53
7 Blackpool FY 1.49
8 Darlington DL 1.47
9 Telford TF 1.45
10 Plymouth PL 1.42


Lowest rates 2014/15, by postal area

Lowest Amount of Offences, 2015
Rank Postal Area Postal Area Code Rate
1 London WC WC 0.12
2 London NW NW 0.66
3 London E E 0.68
4 Bradford BD 0.68
5 Ilford IG 0.76
6 London SW SW 0.76
7 Luton LU 0.77
8 London N N 0.78
9 London EC EC 0.81
10 London W W 0.85


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