This morning I asked the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union to confirm the government’s aim about whether the UK will be part of the customs union. The Prime Minister and the Chancellor have completely contradicted each other.

I am extremely concerned by the Government’s attitude to the Brexit negotiations. There is a complete lack of clarity. This is causing huge uncertainty and worry for individuals, businesses, organisations and communities.


Watch the exchange here:


Jo Stevens MP

The Prime Minister has said that Britain will not remain a full member of the customs union but this morning the chancellor said it’s clear that we can’t stay in the customs union. Which one of them should we believe?

Rt Hon David Jones MP, Minister of State (Department for Exiting the European Union)

Well it’s clear, Mr Speaker, that if we’re to seek free trade agreements around the world we will not be able to remain in the customs union as it currently stands.

But, having said that, what we do seek are arrangements with our EU partners that we’ll be able to construct customs arrangements that are as restriction-less as possible for the benefit of both the EU and the UK.

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