This week, a diver completing the deepest dive ever by a human in a submarine, went 10,927 metres under the surface into the Mariana Trench, a huge gash in the sea bed. At this incredible depth he found waste plastic. I agree with Friends of the Earth and the Women’s Institute that it’s time for drastic action on plastic.

Across the UK, 275,000 tonnes of plastic are used each year (the equivalent of 15 million plastic bottles used being used per day.) Only 9% of global plastic has ever been recycled.  

This waste is slowly poisoning the planet, killing over 100 million animals, polluting groundwater and finding its way back up the food chain into human bodies.

In Wales, our Labour Government has made Wales a leading pioneer in household recycling with a target of zero waste by 2050. In 2017, Wales was the second best recycler in the world with recycling rates for municipal solid waste of 63.8%. Under a Conservative UK Government, England is in 18th position. 

The Tories need to match our ambition here in Wales as well as adopting Labour’s manifesto promises of targets for bottle deposit schemes and working with food manufacturers to reduce plastic packaging.

It’s time for radical change.

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