Travel Refunds

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Travel Refunds

I’ve had many queries from constituents over the past weeks regarding their rights to refunds from cancelled flights and holidays. These companies should be refunding you – in full. Below is some useful information on how to claim.

Travel advice is fast changing – MoneySavingExpert is constantly updating a blog with the latest advice on travel and refunds, which you can access by clicking here.

Travelling Abroad

When the coronavirus outbreak first spread, the Foreign Office started warning against travel to certain countries, but it’s now advising against all but essential travel to ALL overseas destinations “indefinitely”.

For full info, see FCO coronavirus travel advice by clicking here.

Since late March, the FCO has also been advising all British tourists and short-stay travellers who are abroad to return home as soon as possible and my office has been busy helping to facilitate the safe return of residents stranded abroad to Cardiff Central.

Refunds for Booked Trips

Refunds for trips that you have already booked depend on the travel advice from the UK Government. As the FCO currently advised against travel indefinitely, this means you should get a refund for any imminent trips.

However, MoneySavingExpert state that because the new guidance advises against travel ‘indefinitely’, this could make it more difficult to obtain a refund. They suggest you may have to wait until closer to the planned date of your flight or trip to obtain a refund. In all cases, it’s worth contacting the companies directly to find out – they will be likely very busy at the moment so you may have to be patient in waiting to contact them.

But to be clear, law states you are absolutely entitled to a full cash refund for your trip, even if the companies offer you credit for future trips instead. If you want a full refund, you should get one.

If you’re having trouble with any companies refusing to refund you in line with the rules above, please contact me using or via 02921 329736 with your full address, contact details and some background information about the trip and I will contact the companies to help.

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