The NRW Board have just approved a recommendation about how Phase 3 of the Scheme should be delivered, by making this phase a stand-alone scheme with a new business case. That business case will have to be approved by Welsh Government.

The expert report commissioned by the local campaign group suggested potential different delivery options for Phase 3 of the Scheme. The National Assembly Petitions Committee considered that these options needed to be reviewed against the original Phase 3 works to decide whether the original plan was still the best way forward or, whether the Scheme should be redesigned as campaigners had argued.

Welsh Government had also advised NRW that Phase 3 should be considered as a stand-alone scheme, which would then be prioritised for potential inclusion in future work programmes.

It’s likely that as new plans and a completely fresh business case need to be drawn up, that we won’t see the new plans until November or December of this year. As soon as they are released, I will ensure they are publicised on my website and distributed to anyone who would like to see them.

In the meantime, I continue to engage with the local campaign group and NRW to ensure any concerns and questions are answered and that we can ensure a positive way forward for everyone.

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