As has been widely reported, the Iranian Government have brought new charges against Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe, which could extend her stay in Iranian jail by up to 16 years. My Labour colleague Tulip Siddiq MP has described these charges as ’an outrage and must not be allowed to stand.’ 

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard have subjected Nazanin to illegal arbitrary detention for the best part of 18 months, and the new spurious charges against her underline their callous disregard for her human rights. 

These developments are particularly cruel at a time when her family had increasingly hoped that she would be granted temporary release. With the possibility of 16 years being added to her sentence, I urge the Foreign Secretary to intervene properly and ensure Nazanin is brought home. 

There is a clear pattern of Iran treating British dual nationals in this way, and the Government’s approach to the Iranian Authorities seems to be doing little to improve their plight. 

I urge Foreign Secretary to formally call for Nazanin’s timely release. The Government’s lack of progress in securing Nazanin’s release has been extremely frustrating, I know there are campaigners up and down the country calling for her release. 

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