The word from the Welsh Government is clear – in Wales, the lockdown remains in force.

The advice from the Welsh Government is still to stay at home.

Stay at home means:

As the lockdown continues, thank you to the overwhelming majority of Cardiff Central residents who have been following public health and government guidance and instructions closely, playing your part in helping to slow the spread of the virus.

I know it is frustrating not being able to do the things we have always taken for granted, but everyone’s efforts to keep to social distancing have protected our community, protected our NHS and saved the lives of people around us. Let’s keep going together.

Small Changes from Monday 11th May

First Minister Mark Drakeford has announced that from today, in Wales a series of small adjustments to the regulations have come into force, including:

  • Allowing people to exercise more than once a day, but people should stay local. This means any exercise should start and end at home and not involve going a significant distance from home.
  • Enabling local authorities to begin the process of planning how to safely reopen libraries and municipal recycling centres.
  • Allowing garden centres to open provided they comply with the physical distancing duty.

There will be more news in the coming weeks about further changes as Wales continues to get through the lockdown. The Ecucation Minister has also announced that no schools in Wales will open on June 1st.

As always, any changes to lockdown restrictions in Wales will be announced by the Welsh Government.

I would urge all constituents to follow the Welsh Government’s feeds on social media and check them on a regular basis for the latest advice and information pertaining to the lockdown here in Wales. I have included links to these at the bottom of this post.

The Welsh Government also runs a daily press confrence, announcing the latest news, at 12.30pm every day – these are broadcast live on BBC1 Wales and on the Welsh Government’s social media feeds.

Welsh Government Twitter

Welsh Government Facebook

Welsh Government COVID-19 Website

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