Visiting Superbugs Pop-Up Science Event

30 Jul, 2019 | jostevenslabour | No Comments

Visiting Superbugs Pop-Up Science Event

I had a great time today visiting ‘Superbugs’, a pop-up science event in St Davids Shopping Centre run by scientists from Cardiff University.

The pop-up allows visitors to enter the microbial world; discover the bacteria that live in, on, and around us; see how we treat infections that make you ill; and learn how the bacteria are fighting back against us.

The shop was full of fascinated children (& their parents) and I particularly enjoyed growing my own bacteria from a swab taken from the back of my mobile phone!

Activity stations include:

  • Grow Your Own Microbes: test yourself for bacteria and our team will grow your swab samples in a lab and post photos online so that you can see what’s been living on your body
  • Create Your Own Microbes: an arts and crafts station where you can ‘create your own bacteria’
  • The Spread of Antibiotic Resistance: find out how bacteria share and spread resistance (includes ring toss game)
  • Microscope Station: take a closer look at different types of bacteria down a microscope.

Visitors to the Superbugs pop-up will also learn how their body fights ‘bad’ germs that make us sick and uses ‘friendly’ germs to keep us fit, how antibiotics work, and why it is sometimes better not to take them.

I would thoroughly recommend popping in for a visit yourself – its free to do and will be running until 11 August 2019 in a repurposed shop on the first floor of St David’s Shopping Centre, opposite the Apple Store.

Opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 9:30-17:00, and Sunday, 11:30-16:30.

You can find out more information by clicking here.

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