72nd Cardiff Guides invited me to visit them at their weekly session at Albany Road Baptist Church last Friday.

I spoke about what being a Member of Parliament involves, what I do in Parliament and in the constituency, how everything we do is political and how I hope to see more female MPs in the future.

Guides were inquisitive and engaged and I was asked some very challenging questions. We covered issues from voting at 16 to Brexit. We also had a lot of fun when each of us picked one thing we would do if we were the Prime Minister.

So here are the highlights from the 72nd Cardiff Guides’ manifesto:-

  1. Give Boris Johnson a makeover
  2. Close tax loopholes
  3. Introduce nap time in school
  4. Ban Donald Trump from coming to the UK
  5. Free university education
  6. Half price McDonalds
  7. Fix the NHS
  8. Make every who has an interview wear a fez
  9. Make learning Welsh in school optional
  10. Gender and race equality
  11. Get Donald Trump off the BBC because he’s making me angry!

Thanks to Jenni and 72nd Cardiff Guides for a great evening and see you again.

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