Today’s European election is the most important in a generation.

Wales has been hardest hit by the Tory/Lib Dem UK government over the past four years.

Wages are down £1,600, energy bills have rocketed £300, and Cameron and Clegg’s cost-of-living crisis continues to make life difficult for people up and down Wales.

The most recent polling shows that it’s neck and neck between the Tory MEP and a second seat for Labour. So it’s never been more important for Labour people to get out and vote this Thursday.

Labour has a solid record of standing up for Wales in Europe. From big things like delivering hundreds of millions in extra funding for Wales, to the little things like turning up and making sure Wales has a voice.

And in Cardiff Central, we are proud of our diverse, happy and peaceful community that UKIP seems to have such a problem with.

This week Wales could be Tory as well as Lib Dem free in Europe, sending a message to David Cameron and Nick Clegg loud and clear with a Welsh Labour team delivering for Wales in Europe.

Every Labour supporter who votes today could be the person that puts us over the finish line and helps kicks the Tories out of Wales – it’s that close.

So whatever you do today, please make sure you vote, and please vote Labour.

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