The Welsh Government have announced changes to the Coronavirus regulations to take place immediately, and likely changes that will take place over the next few weeks.

These changes will only be able to happen if new Coronavirus cases continue to fall. The more immediate changes are:

Self-contained accommodation opening 11th July

Pubs, bars, cafes, & restaurants opening outdoors on 13th July

Hairdressers and barbers to open on the 13th July

From Monday 13th, outdoor team sports and activities with a max of 30 people

Over the next 3 weeks:

Likely July 20th:

Children’s playgrounds

Outdoor gyms

Community Centres

Likely July 27th:



Art galleries

Beauty salons and tattoo parlours

Accommodation with shared facilities

August 3rd:

Pubs, restaurants and cafes can open indoors, provided opening of outdoor hospitality goes to plan.

These future changes rely on new cases of Coronavirus continuing to fall.Please remember to continue to keep socially distancing where possible, keep good hand hygiene and isolate and get tested ASAP if you develop any symptoms.

You can get a test here:

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