Taking the fight to the Government in a Debate on Wales and the Queen’s Speech


Alongside Labour MPs from across Wales, I led a debate on the impact of the UK Government’s policies on Wales.


In the face of a poor turn out from Government MPs we covered topics including the impact of Brexit on women in Wales, concerns about future funding for Wales and whether large-scale infrastructure projects like rail electrification, tidal lagoons and linked-up travel in North Wales will get the go ahead with government funding.


I was pleased to lead this debate standing up for Wales and to expose the Tory Government’s total lack of consideration for Wales in the Queen’s Speech. I highlighted the struggles my constituents were having due to the Governments lack of clarity on immigration, the importance of the EU to Welsh women and the ways the Government was failing to deliver for Wales, which the Queen’s Speech did little to alleviate.


A wide range of issues were debated by my Labour colleagues and I, many of which weren’t in the Queen’s Speech but should have been. This is a clear indictment of the government’s attitude to Wales.


The Minister was unable to give any reassurance that the repeal bill won’t lead to a ‘power grab’ or loss of rights and protections under existing EU law disadvantaging the people of Wales.


People in Wales are right not to trust this Tory government to look after their interests, and it’s Labour MPs who will continue to challenge this desperate government standing up for what matters to people here in Wales. Wales resoundingly rejected the Tory manifesto and this Tory Government at the last General Election, their subsequent bung of at least £1 billion to the DUP and their ignoring of Welsh claims for further funding shows that the Tories have not learned their lesson.


You can find the full video of my speech below:

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