This Friday Britain’s largest breast cancer charity Breast Cancer Now are urging people to mix up their usual dress sense by wearing pink to help raise awareness for their Wear it Pink Campaign. As part of the campaign people across the country will be wearing pink to work on Friday 19th October.

In Wales, breast cancer accounts for almost 50% of all cancers in women aged 35 to 54 and accounts for nearly a third of cancers for women across all age groups, with 2,786 cases in Wales a year. Last year 11,563 people died from breast cancer across the UK, including the BBC radio presenter Rachael Bland who died at the tragically young age of 40 from the disease. In Cardiff alone there are 379 new cases every year and 69 wonderful women in Cardiff pass away due to the disease – that’s more than 1 every week.

But through fundraising efforts like the Wear It Pink campaign we can fund the research that can help make cancer survivable. Locally Breast Cancer Now are helping to fund research into breast cancer treatments and prevention at Cardiff University. This is possible due to the £31 million that the Wear it Pink campaign has raised since 2012. By wearing pink, raising awareness and donating to Breast Cancer Now we can work towards their aim of 0 breast cancer deaths in 2050.

In Wales Breast Cancer Now, working with the Welsh Labour Government, helped make bisphosphonates, off-patent drugs that help prevent 1 in 10 breast cancer recurrences, available to women who could benefit from them.

To help improve survival rates the Welsh Labour Government will be looking at gaps in resources and building a single cancer pathway to best serve patients, and achieve its long-term health plan of bringing down incidences of cancer.

To find out more about the campaign, events in and around Cardiff and how to donate please click here.

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