Trump State Visit/Radio Wales Interview
On Tuesday this week I spoke to BBC Radio Wales about why it was wrong for Donald Trump to be honoured with a state visit to the UK. State visits are a earned, ceremonial honour that only two previous US Presidents have received, and I made my view clear that the taxpayer should not have to bear the huge expense of a lavish visit for a President who is a racist, sexist, online sharer of far-right extremist ideology, a serial liar and a cheat who mocks war veterans and people with disabilities.

You can listen to my comments here.

I also previously signed the cross party Parliament motion calling on the Government to rescind its advice to offer a state visit to Donald Trump. You can view it by clicking here.

Following a terrible weekend of violent crime and loss of life in Cathays, I raised the funding of South Wales Police at Prime Ministers Questions this week. We’ve suffered £61 million of funding cuts by Lib Dem & Tory Governments to South Wales Police since 2010.

I have consistently called for more funding and its high time this shambolic Government needs to take responsibility for public safety and give South Wales Police the funding it desperately needs.

You can watch my PMQ below:

DCMS Committee Hearing with Aaron Greenspan

Our Committee continued its inquiry into fake news and disinformation this week by interviewing Aaron Greenspan – former Harvard classmate of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. I asked Mr Greenspan about whether he believes Mark Zuckerberg believes in any concept of personal data and whether there were any warning signs with what later happened with Cambridge Analytica.

You can watch the Committee hearing by clicking here.

Scrapping of the Minimum Wage Naming and Shaming Scheme

On Tuesday I questioned a Business Minister on the Government’s planned suspension of the Minimum Wage Naming Scheme. Companies failing to pay their employees the minimum wage should absolutely be named and shamed as well as prosecuted for failing to comply with the law.

The Government talk tough on enforcing the minimum wage but in Wales, between 2010 and 2018 there wasn’t a single successful prosecution for an employer failing to pay the minimum wage resulting in a fine. This isn’t enforcement, its impunity.
You can watch my intervention below:

IPP Sentences
This week I again raised the issue of IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) sentences with the Justice Minister – asking if he would be willing to meet with my constituents to discuss their own experiences of these sentences.

Since introduction, IPP sentences have been misused – resulting in thousands of people being convicted of minor crimes, given an IPP sentence, and left languishing in prison well beyond their original tariff. Sometimes for more than a decade.

IPP sentences have now been abolished, but over 2600 people are still in our prisons and the current licence system on release means that many are returned to prison over and over again for very minor infringements of probation terms, for example.
You can watch my Question to the Justice Minister below:

The Bangladesh cricket team are in town for the Cricket World Cup game against England on Saturday. I met the squad and back room staff along with a Minister from the Bangladesh Government at the Welsh Assembly at a reception hosted by the High Commissioner. I’m really hoping there is no more rain left to fall on Cardiff after today and that we get a full day’s play tomorrow.

I also attended the For Cardiff annual report event at the Old Library. For Cardiff have had an excellent year – you’ll have noticed a lot of their work – whether it’s the big gingerbread house, the daff trail, street pastors, street ambassadors or the work of cleansing teams across the city centre.

I ended the week with a busy day of constituency visits and another busy advice surgery at my Albany Road constituency office. I met with Huw Thomas, Leader of Cardiff Council to discuss a range of issues across the city and I also visited the newly re-developed Slug and Lettuce on St Mary’s Street in the City Centre to see the refurbishment of this listed building, meet the Manager and team.

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