We’ve reached the end of another tumultuous week in Parliament that has dominated the headlines.

On Tuesday morning, I was still here in Cardiff Central as Parliament had been suspended by Boris Johnson for 5 weeks. I was watching the President of the Supreme Court, Baroness Hale, give judgment in an unprecedented case that I was involved in as a litigant, along with other MPs and the democracy campaigner Gina Miller. We had brought the case because we believed that Boris Johnson had misled Parliament and the Queen about the reasons for the suspension. The Supreme Court found that the suspension of Parliament was unlawful, null and void in a unanimous decision.  It was a comprehensive demolition of Boris Johnson’s actions. Since then, there’s been no apology from the Prime Minster, nor an acceptance by him or his ministers that he had acted unlawfully and a concerted effort by his supporters in Parliament and the media to undermine and denigrate the Judges involved. I called for his resignation.

By Tuesday night I was on my way back to Westminster to carry on my job of representing you in Parliament.

Wednesday saw several Urgent Questions in the House ranging from the Government’s inaction on the collapse of Thomas Cook, to the controversial Yellowhammer no-deal Brexit documents. Wednesday was one of the worst days I’ve experienced in Parliament in my time as your MP. In a deliberate strategy to deflect attention from the Supreme Court judgment and his loss of every single vote since becoming Prime Minister, Boris Johnson used inflammatory and inciteful language saying that for us as MPs to be safe from the death threats and threats of serious violence being received, we should vote for Brexit. He belittled female Labour MPs who asked him to tone down his language because we know all too well, the devastating impact that language like that has had in the past.

We had further questions on Thursday and on every occasion so far, Ministers have been completely unapologetic about their deliberate use of provocative and dangerous language. Make no mistake, this is a clear and deliberate attempt to cause division across the country and inflame the situation for electoral advantage.  

Following the unlawful suspension of Parliament, I voted on Thursday not to allow a recess for the Conservative Party conference, so we can focus on scrutinising the Government and working through the important legislation we thought we’d lost to the suspension, including the desperately needed Domestic Violence Bill.

Today, I have been busy catching up with my team in Albany Road, doing a interview on Radio Wales and doing two busy advice surgeries, one at Madina Mosque in Cathays and the other at my office. Also this morning I hosted our annual Macmillan Coffee Morning in Cyncoed with Jenny Rathbone AM. We had a brilliant turnout and raised £208.00  towards such a great cause. Thanks to everyone who came along and supported us again this year.

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking at the Wales For Europe march and rally in the City Centre, it would be great if you could join us and make this our biggest yet. You can find out more about this by clicking here.

Finally, I want to thank the very many constituents who have been in touch this week to say thank you for doing the work I do and offering support and good wishes. I am very grateful to everyone for the messages which, after a difficult week, mean a lot.  

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