We want a public transport system that links buses and trains, walking and cycling. We want more people to use public transport instead of their cars. We want to reduce air pollution and protect the environment. As part of this, the Welsh Government are consulting on proposals for bus services and the licensing of taxi and private hire vehicles in Wales.

I would urge all constituents to fill in the consultation and ensure their views are fed in to the Welsh Government.

The consultation ends on March 27th.

You can respond to the consultation online (or in writing) – details can be found by clicking here.

  1. Jemma Watkins says:

    Good morning Jo, 

    My issue is regarding public transport. As I am sure you are aware climate change is a serious problem.

    As an individual, I try and do what I can to help the environment. My partner and I both work in Bristol and live in church road, Newport. I am aware that there are a significant amount of people who live in Newport and work in Bristol. 

    To help the environment, my partner and I use the train to travel to work. However, for the 4th time in a year the cost has risen, it now costs £21 per day for a return journey from Newport to Bristol. Sadly, this has now left us with no option other than using our cars which is something that we did not want to do. However, we cannot afford this cost everyday. Additionally, if the difference in cost is causing us to result to travel by car, I’m sure it is for many others. 

    In the future we hope to gain a job I  Newport, but at this stage this is not an option with no jobs available. 

    Please can you do something to help the cost of public transport, to help the environment, or provide advice of someone who can help

    Best wishes


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