The Consumer Insight for Wales survey launched yesterday showed people in Wales are worried about the cost for paying for daily essentials and public sector cuts. The report surveyed consumers across Wales and found that 67% of people felt worried about the cost of food, essentials and public sector cuts and 22% had defaulted on a debt.

This reflects what people have been saying to me on the doorstep in Cardiff Central, the Tories are completely failing to build an economy that works for most people, which is why there are now over 4,000 Food Banks across the UK, a shocking statistic.

The Tories have slashed money for public services and created the slowest growth in wages for over 200 years. This has hit people in Cardiff in the pocket. Only a UK Labour Government will give the Welsh Government the money it needs to properly invest in services and provide a UK wide focus on wage growth.

A UK Labour Government would tackle this squeeze by;

  • Raising the minimum wage to £10 per hour
  • Ending the use of social security to punish people
  • Boosting investment in local businesses

People in the 5th richest country in the world shouldn’t be worrying about necessities and it is clear that we need a Labour Government in power in Westminster to change that.

You can find the full report below;

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