There are many reasons I’m campaigning for Jo!

First, if Jo wins here in Cardiff Central, it can help change the government in Westminster. A Labour government would stand up for ordinary people, not just the richest few, and a Labour win here would help get the Tories out. In the Welsh Assembly elections in 2011, Labour’s Jenny Rathbone won by just 38 votes – campaigning here really will make a difference.

Second, as a Councillor for Cathays I see the devastating impact of the Lib Dem-Tory cuts on Welsh Government budgets. Year after year we have to make hard cuts which are hurting. We can’t take five more years of Tory rule, propped up by the Lib Dems, without losing so many jobs and services that we rely on. I see the devastating impact of the Coalition’s policies, including the cruel and incompetent Bedroom Tax – a failed policy that hits the most vulnerable, mostly people with disabilities. Our Lib Dem MP supported it. Only a Labour win will help scrap it.

Finally, Jo is a passionate and committed campaigner. She will stand up for people here in Cardiff Central, and for Labour values across the country. We need that in Westminster.

So I’m campaigning for Jo as she’d be a great MP and a strong voice for Cardiff, and part of a Labour government that would start to make this country a fairer place.

What could you do to support Jo’s campaign? Click here to sign up as a volunteer.

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