On May 7th, the future of the UK hangs in the balance. We have an opportunity to decide what type of Britain we want to live in. We’ve got a choice between a country that is weaker and less equal as we’ve come to live in under the current Tory/Lib Dem coalition Government, or a country which rewards hard work with fair pay, a country which gives future generations more opportunities than the last and a country which delivers an economic recovery for everyone, not just a few at the top.

The people of Cardiff Central deserve an MP that stands up for them. The people want a Westminster and an MP that understands how difficult life has become the last few years. Having campaigned for Jo for some time now, I know well that she has the interests of Cardiff and its people at heart. Turning out every weekend to campaign for Jo is a pleasure, and I, along with the many other volunteers, am determined to get her elected.

Some people may think that there’s no difference between having a Labour or a Liberal Democrat MP. The real truth is that it makes a huge difference. You only have to look at Jenny Willott’s voting record to see that she’s with the Tories all the way. She and the Tories say yes to the bedroom tax, but no to the mansion tax. Food banks on the rise, bank bonuses in their billions. Taxes up for working families in Cardiff, taxes cut for millionaires.

The situation has to change, and it will if the people elect Jo as their MP.

What could you do to support Jo’s campaign? Click here to sign up as a volunteer.


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