I campaign for Jo because I feel that I have a responsibility to do all I can to create a fairer society, one that is built on a level playing field and in which where you started in life has no reflection on where you finish.

The Labour Party is the only party which shares my values. Campaigning is my way of doing what I can to create that society.

I think Jo will make an excellent MP for Cardiff Central. She is principled on the issues that matter, she works tirelessly and I genuinely believe that if elected she will have the best interests of Cardiff Central at heart as opposed to voting to make life harder for her constituents as the current Liberal Democrat MP has.

Jo is also a political outsider which is so important when people are currently massively disenfranchised with Westminster.

I love campaigning. Speaking to people on the doorstep never fails to surprise and interest me, and the atmosphere within the team is really friendly and welcoming.

Go for Jo 2015!


What could you do to support Jo’s campaign? Click here to sign up as a volunteer.

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