I made a commitment to my constituents before the 2015 General Election that I would not vote in favour of renewing Trident.

It is no secret to my constituents that I am a unilateralist, a lifelong opponent of nuclear weapons and anti-nuclear campaigner. I have been unwavering in that view and I don’t think my view will ever change.

At some point during 2016, there will be a House of Commons debate and a vote on what is described as the “main gate” decision on whether or not to renew Trident, a decision that looks likely to cost up to £167 billion for the lifetime of the project.

That is the vote that will decide the future of Trident.

I will vote against renewal of Trident when that vote happens and I hope that as many of my colleagues as possible will vote the same way.

Today the SNP have an Opposition Day “motion” on Trident.

Any vote that takes place later today is not the main gate decision that I have described above. It’s not binding on the government.

This morning, Angus McNeil MP of the SNP said to the media that “this Commons vote could be the last parliamentary chance to stop this utterly awful project”.

Angus is wrong.

Angus knows what he said is wrong but he said it deliberately.

He’s playing games.

And Trident is far too serious an issue for political game playing.

Go ahead with your stunt Angus. Serious anti-nuclear campaigners like me won’t be part of it.

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