On Saturday 2nd July, Windsor Road Bridge, connecting Adamsdown with Splott, reopened.

The bridge had been demolished by Network Rail and has now been replaced with a new one to cope with electrification of the mainline between London and Swansea.

Due to extreme weather conditions, including high winds, and other unexpected circumstances, the opening of the bridge was delayed.


However, it is now open to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, with better access as well as better lighting. It has been raised as part of Network Rail’s Railway Upgrade Plan to provide the extra headroom for the future electrification of the railway.

Now Windsor Road Bridge has been reopened, Beresford Road Bridge will be closed from 23rd July 2016. During closure, Network Rail have assured me that the road will only be closed across the bridge and access to all nearby streets and properties will remain in place at all times. There will be a temporary footbridge installed alongside Beresford Road Bridge, ensuring the bridge is closed to road traffic only.

For more information about the closure of Beresford Road Bridge, please click here.

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