Today I showed my support for World Book Day’s “Share a Story” campaign that aims to get more children reading. World Book Day will be distributing £1 book tokens for every child in Cardiff Central, as well as creating bespoke £1 books for children and young adults. Get in touch with your local school to make sure your child gets their token which can be spent in shops and supermarkets selling the special £1 books (or it can be used to get £1 off another book at participating stores).


World Book Day are asking parents and guardians to read with their kids for at least 10 minutes a day. This can set your child’s reading habits for life and help ensure that they get the most out of reading as they grow up and throughout their lives. Poor reading skills cost the economy £30 billion a year and can really hurt peoples’ life chances, meaning they can’t get certain jobs, go to Uni or fully access services.


Reading is not just a tool, it’s a gift. Reading can open the eyes of kids and adults to new worlds and experiences as well as characters who can become as familiar as old friends. But it’s in decline, only 40% of kids now read for themselves daily, down from 60% in 2012.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can reverse this decline and I hope kids and parents all over Cardiff take up this challenge to get a free book and share a story.


You can find out more about World Book Day by clicking here.


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