I was pleased this week to attend a really informative event in Parliament run by the National Association of Deafened People on World Hearing Day.

World Hearing Day is held on 3 March each year to raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss and promote ear and hearing care across the world.

The stats around hearing loss are staggering.

  • 5% or more of the total population has hearing loss
  • 83% of those in need of hearing aids do not use one
  • 59% of the disability attributed to hearing loss could be reduced if every individual in need used a hearing device

The NADP say that the high cost of hearing aids and lack of human resource to cope with demand are factors in why so many go without, along with low awareness of the benefits of hearing rehabilitation and a lingering stigma around hearing loss and hearing devices in the first place.

The NADP are campaigning for policies to ensure easy access to high quality, affordable and safe technologies and services for the people who need them.

You can read more about this campaign on the NADP website by clicking here.

Each year, the World Health Organisation decides the theme and develops a brochure on the topic based on the best available evidence as well as advocacy materials such as posters, banners, infographics and presentations, among others.

On World Hearing Day 2020 highlighted that timely and effective interventions can ensure that people with hearing loss are able to achieve their full potential. It will draw attention to the options available in this respect.

The key messages for World Hearing Day 2020:

  • At all life stages, communication and good hearing health connect us to each other, our communities, and the world.
  • For those who have hearing loss, appropriate and timely interventions can facilitate access to education, employment and communication.
  • Globally, there is lack of access to interventions to address hearing loss, such as hearing aids.
  • Early intervention should be made available through the health systems.

I’d like to congratulate the NADP on running such a successful, awareness raising event.

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