Young People’s Survey Results

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Young People’s Survey Results

Towards the end of last year I wrote out to schools and young people around Cardiff Central, aged 14-16, with a survey, to allow me to greater understand the issues that affect them.

I’m grateful to everyone who took part, and it’s given me a great insight to the thoughts of 14 to 16 year olds in Cardiff Central on issues ranging from Brexit and the voting age, to public transport in Cardiff and aspirations upon leaving secondary school.

The majority of 14 to 16 year olds that completed the survey expressed a wish to continue with their education – as 89.55% wanted to progress onto further education either at a sixth form in their college, outside their college or in a specialist school. It’s clear to see that young people here are wanting to achieve a high level of education and achieve their full potential.  A substantial portion of young people surveyed also expressed an interest in continuing their education outside of Cardiff whether that be outside Wales, the United Kingdom or even overseas.

Responses on the question of voting age also proved interesting as an overwhelming majority of those surveyed showed support of lowering the voting age; with 70.15% of young people wanting to lower the vote and 83.58% suggesting they would vote should the voting age be lowered. It’s clear that this generation are taking an interest in politics, becoming politically aware and engaged with current affairs.

It’s possible that this trend could also tie in with the country’s decision to leave the EU   – with the young being denied a vote in their own futures – and judging from the response of the survey, Brexit has also influenced the lives of the younger generation. 83.33% of those surveyed answered ‘stay’ in the EU referendum if they had been given the opportunity to have a say.  With the younger generation making up a large majority of the population, it’s refreshing to see 14 to 16 year olds taking an interest in current affairs and If the voting age had been lowered for the Brexit referendum we may have seen a very different result. From these results it’s pleasing that young people have opinions they want to express so it’s important we are able to give them a platform to do so.

The response from the 2018 Young People’s survey has both been insightful and positive. Overall, those surveyed feel safe in Cardiff with 71.64% feeling safe walking around the streets and 71.88% feeling safe on public transport, therefore it’s important to ensure young people continue to feel safe around Cardiff. Lastly, it’s important that our young generation continue to become politically aware by giving them a platform in which they can express themselves.

You can view a PDF of the results in full by clicking the link below:

Results PDF

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